Vintage Doll Clothing Restoration

Doll Mercantile offers vintage doll clothing restoration and repair in Petaluma, CA. With over twenty-five years of experience repairing and restoring fabrics, we can help bring any doll back to its original brilliance. Besides the face and structure of the doll, the next most important aspect is her clothing. We restore the doll’s original clothing and make her beautiful again, without sacrificing the originality or authenticity of the doll.

Whether you have a valuable antique doll with her original clothing, and you would like to restore all aspects of the doll to perfect your collection, or you have a doll that is simply valuable to you and you would like to share it with others, we can help. A doll’s original clothing is a valuable asset both to her value and to her authentic beauty. It shows what era she came from and also shows her elegance and beauty. From silks and velvet gowns to lace, satin and standard cotton, we’ll restore the substance, softness and vibrant color of your vintage doll’s clothing.

Bring your doll in to Doll Mercantile, and our experts will assess the damage and restoration process. For more information, stop in or give us a call.