Doll Repair and Teddy Bear Restoration

Vintage & Antique Doll Repair

Transforming old into new!

Maybe it was your childhood best friend or a prized collectible handed down from your mom or grandmother. Dolls are more than playthings: they’re beautiful, vintage artifacts that represent our history and culture.

At Doll Mercantile, our skilled craftspeople repair, restore, and re-dress your dolls with care and precision. We can preserve your special doll for you, or prepare it for sale. Dolls that are in good repair and are dressed in clothing appropriate to its era command a more competitive price when sold to a reputable collector. Doll Mercantile’s owner Colleen Richardson has more than 25 years’ experience as a doll enthusiast and is well known for her thorough research and careful repairs.

Colleen is happy to examine your doll and advise you on the ins and outs of insurance, selling, and buying, too. Our shop in Petaluma is part workshop and wonderland: dolls from all eras and vintage are displayed, along with antique clothing from Europe and more contemporary American-made styles. We also stock a wide array of accessories, from wigs, to doll heads and limbs in hard plastic, porcelain and other materials, in addition to Steiff and Hermann teddy bears, and more.

Please call Colleen for a repair appointment. We appraise dolls for a minor fee of $5.00 oral and $10.00 written. We do lay-away and accept major credit cards.